8 “Superfoods” That Help Kids Grow

At the top of most moms’ wish lists for their kids is “growing up healthy.” And at every meal—heck, every snack, too—we have the chance to help that happen. A handful of specific nutrients have been proven to support growth and development, and we’ve found 8 “superfoods” that combine at least two of them, and often more:


1. Eggs: These little powerhouses abound with fuel for growing bodies. Each one provides 6 grams of protein, a building block for lean muscle. And it’s one of a few food sources for naturally-occurring vitamin D, which helps kids’ bodies absorb calcium to strengthen bones.

2. Greek yogurt: Growing bodies need plenty of calcium for that vitamin D to absorb. Youngsters ages 4-8 need 1000mg daily, and in their tween and teen years, the need leaps to 1300mg daily—even more than adults! Calcium helps build bones, the structural support for a growing body. An average serving of Greek yogurt provides substantial amounts of both calcium and protein: 187mg of calcium and 17g of protein.

3. Firm tofu: In addition to 11g of protein and 253mg of calcium, a half-cup of firm tofu also offers about half of a child’s recommended intake of omega-3 fatty acids, which feed the brain and support new cell growth.

4. Salmon: And speaking of omega-3s, salmon abounds with them—4 ounces offers a full day’s worth. Kids’ bodies use it to develop their brains and nervous systems, develop hormones, and absorb certain vitamins. That same 4 ounces also packs in 31g of muscle-building protein.

5. Avocado: In addition to being mild-flavored and soft enough for even the newest eaters to handle, half an avocado boasts 10g of monounsaturated fat, the healthy fat kids need. That’s especially valuable for babies and toddlers, who need extra fat to support their growing bodies.

6. Chickpeas: Iron helps your child’s blood deliver oxygen throughout the body, making it essential for growth. Half a cup of kid-friendly chickpeas supplies about one-third of your child’s daily iron needs, along with folate and protein.

7. Spinach: Popeye was smarter than he looked. One half-cup of cooked spinach boasts even more iron than chickpeas, plus 245mg of calcium and nearly a full day’s supply of folate.

8. Sweet potatoes: That orange hued flesh tells you a sweet potato is rich in beta-carotene. Your child’s body turns beta-carotene into vitamin A—which helps with cell growth, vision, and a healthy immune system. A medium sweet potato also provides around half a day’s worth of vitamin C, which protects cells and helps kids absorb that much-needed iron.

Of course, we can’t get all these foods into our kids each day, no matter how hard we try. Pediasure Grow & Gain is a delicious and easy way to supplement your child’s diet with a boost of nutrition at any meal or snack!

What are your favorite ways to serve some of these “superfoods” to your kids?

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