This Service Lets Kids Turn Their Art into Dresses & We're Officially Obsessed

Picture This

It's true: Kids have the best imaginations. Have you ever wished you could bottle up your child's creativity and sell it? One mom actually figured out a clever (and fashionable!) way to do just that. Meet Jaimee Newberry of the recently launched Picture This, a company that literally lets girls "wear their imaginations" by turning their art into dresses. This mom of two is all about helping kids explore their creative sides, and we're positive that this will soon become your kid's new obsession.



"It started with my daughter," the cofounder, who says she's the independent mother of an 11-year-old and a 7-year-old, tells CafeMom. "One winter, my youngest daughter Zia drew a picture of a dress, and I said, 'Wow -- I can make that for you!'"

And seeing her daughter in the dress, Newberry and business partner Ken Finney knew that "this was a thing."

Look at these amazing dresses:

Zia rocking her #PictureThisClothing dress! #picturethis #iamzia #fashion #fashionblogger #kids #kidart

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According to Newberry, Finney came up with the idea for the coloring book template, and the two brought on friends Stephan Schier and Ignazio Laci into the fold. Together, this four-person team (along with their production company that is based in Newberry's hometown of Las Vegas) launched the venture as what Newberry explains as a "proof of concept -- to see if there would be any interest in the idea at all." 

Picture This went public with a tweet. And the brand received a bunch of buzz within the first week -- so much that their site crashed from the influx of parents looking to get their kid an original dress.  

Can't say we're surprised. 

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Did I mention that parents can purchase matching 11" and 18" doll dress add-ons so kids can be twins with their favorite dols? 


The process to order one of these adorable creations is really very simple. All you have to do is download a template from the Picture This website, and let your kids draw whatever their imaginations dream up. 

Next you snap a picture of the masterpiece and upload it to the site and select a size for your kid. 

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Gigi in the #pusheen inspired Picture This Clothing dress, drawn by her #bff, Zia! #picturethis

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Then in about six to eight weeks (due to popular demand), you will receive an (insert your kid's name here) original dress -- with the design printed on the front and back.  

Happiness is a job working with #kidart! #sneakpeek #picturethis

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"Honest kid art is my favorite," Newberry says of the designs that she has seen, which range from scribbles to intricate art pieces. In case you were wondering, kids and parents alike don't only have to use crayons when creating the template.  

Helping spark creativity is one goal that this mom has in mind with Picture This. "I'm a woman in tech," she says. "Teaching girls that you can bring ideas to life ... that you can actually create a habit of making instead of consuming" is very important to the entrepreneur. "It's an opportunity to teach kids all over the world." 

And the model won't only be limited to dresses. Eventually, Newberry would like to expand the business to include youth T-shirts for both boys and girls.

And one day they may even include adult sizes, if we're lucky.



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