Holiday Homework Blues

Late last night my 15-year-old stepdaughter pulled out a folder of work she's got to get done before she goes back to school, that was about as thick as an old-school phonebook. Not only does she have to complete work in most of her subjects but she's got an entire report to do to. I felt a little bad for her; she's in full, kicked-back holiday mode--but she better not be. Her work has got to get done.


For a teenager, this might be doable, maybe even without anyone else's assistance. But when younger children come home with heaps of homework over the holidays, it usually means someone else (mom) has got to stop cooking, hosting etc., and help. Mothers are split. Some feel that holiday homework is crucial; a way to make sure that no learning time is lost. Other's like one anonymous mom, really have a hard time making their kids get serious about school work during the holidays and wonder why they have to do so much anyway.


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