10 Things We Had in School That Our Kids Will Never Know

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Things sure have changed since we were all kids. We are reminded of that on the daily when we see what our own kids are playing with, what they're using in school, and even what they're eating. Where we used to have push-button (or even ... rotary) phones attached to walls, our kids have touch-screen and hands-free just about everything. It's fascinating to look at the changes.


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Not to sound like a grandma, but my have times changed. School now looks nothing like when we went, and we can't help but notice that things are much more digital than they used to be. 

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Years ago, we didn't even know what the word "selfie" was -- but we keep moving forward, creating more, learning even more, getting more advanced. I guess that's led us to all the things our kids have now. So while it might seem sad that kids these days will never know the joy of eating an unhealthy snack and getting candy as rewards for good behavior, at least they have 3-D printers? Take a look at our list and prepare for some major nostalgia and possibly a yearning for some peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches.

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