8 Surprising Ways Kids Benefit from Omega-3s

We’ve all heard of omega-3s, but what are these essential fats and how do our kids benefit from them?

Omega-3 essential fatty acids are nutritional cornerstones of human health. They’re called “essential” because we all need them for proper health – kind of like vitamins and minerals – but we can’t produce them on our own. So we have to consume them through food or supplements.


Children, who are often deficient in the most important omega-3s, EPA and DHA, have the most to gain from these essential fats, which are found in abundance in fish oil. EPA and DHA are crucial building blocks of child development and play key roles in every aspect of their health, including brain and eye function.

Omega-3s also:

  1. Promote proper development of the nervous system*
  2. Promote positive mood and well-being*
  3. Support memory and learning ability*
  4. Support focus and attention*
  5. Promote healthy eyes and vision*
  6. Promote a healthy immune system response*
  7. Nourish hair, skin, and nails*
  8. Enhance cardiovascular function and circulation*

So, the question is, if omega-3s are this important, why is it that recent research shows that only 22% of children get adequate amounts of them? And is there anything we, as moms, can do about it?

Well, we can start paying more attention to our kids’ diets and include lots of fish and fresh green leafy vegetables. (Can’t you just hear the “yuck!” coming out of their mouths?!)

The good news is, a premium fish oil product is all you need to start reversing this trend. Nordic Naturals has an entire product line geared to kids. It’s a safe, pure, and effective way to give your child’s mental and physical well-being a solid nutritional foundation.* And best of all, they come in delicious fruit flavors that turn those “yucks” into “yums!”

How do you ensure your kids get omega-3s every day?

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