11 Rad Disney Princess Quotes That Are Fierce Enough for Modern Girls

Anne Meadows | Jun 13, 2016 Big Kid
11 Rad Disney Princess Quotes That Are Fierce Enough for Modern Girls

Disney princesses might not be known for being their own heroes. Several needed the help of a charming prince, woodland animals, or magical grandmother figures to save the day. 

Despite that, many of the heroines of Disney classic animated movies are admirable in other ways. They're undoubtedly tough cookies. They are true to themselves, remain loyal to friends, never give up, and always seem to be humming a cheerful tune.

We can learn so much from them about soldiering through life with a smile -- and accepting help when it's offered from the unlikeliest of sources. These 11 quotes from the girls of our beloved Disney movies are perfect nuggets of wisdom for our daughters' ears. We just might want to listen up, too. 


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  • Ariel


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    The Little Mermaid knew deep down that she just didn't belong in the royal court under the ocean, and when she spotted human hottie Eric she finally understood why. She might not have taken the wisest route to get there (trusting the sea witch Ursula? Um, are you crazy?), but in the end, she bravely found a way to become her true self and make a life with the person she loved. We should all be so daring.

  • Snow White


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    Snow White's relentless positivity is borderline irrational and definitely a little annoying. She's a literal embodiment of innocence and purity in contrast to the vain, power-hungry darkness of the real world. But sometimes, a can-do attitude and open heart are the only things that will see you through. (That, or seven strapping dudes with diamonds in their pockets.)

  • Aurora


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    Briar Rose's imaginary lover walked right out of her dreams and into the middle of her woodland animal sing-along. While we might not want our daughters hanging out in the forest chatting up squirrels in the hopes of bumping into princes, we can definitely get behind finding hope in our dreams. 

  • Tiana


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    Girls, when searching for your Prince Charming, be prepared to kiss a few frogs along the way. Or in the case of Tiana from The Princess and the Frog -- become one. 

    Worse fates could befall you (like missing out on true love), so remember humility and hard work will help you save your own day.

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  • Belle


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    Arguably the first nerdy heroine of Disney movies, Belle escaped her boring small-town life by reading voraciously (often aloud, spoiling Chapter Three for confused sheep). Reading empowers kids to build worlds of their own imagination and teaches them how to resolve conflicts using reason and kindness. All girls should be reading -- and writing -- their own stories.

  • Cinderella


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    You know your life is pretty pathetic when even the household mice feel sorry for you. Poor Cinderella had no reason to ever expect good luck to find to her, but she kept on dreaming anyway. We've got to remember that even when things aren't going our way, we've got to keep hope alive. 

  • Elsa


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    Very few people give Elsa the credit she deserves for her groundbreaking architectural work. Seriously, that ice palace on North Mountain is way cooler than any other Disney princess's house -- and the fact that Elsa made it in what amounts to a creative rage just proves headstrong will and resilience will see you through any storm.

  • Merida


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    Tradition has a way of constraining us within outdated roles and expectations. But Merida's ballsy struggle for the right to live her life on her own terms shows Disney heroines have come a long way since Snow White. By the end of Brave, Merida has grown wiser but remains no less feisty -- showing we can grow and stay true to ourselves. 

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  • Mulan


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    If you told Mulan that the United States wouldn't get a female major party nominee for president until the year 2016, she'd ask, "What took so long???" Her unwavering dedication to her family broke boundaries (and bones), as she literally offered up her life in service to them -- and her country. A true role model, indeed. 

  • Pocahontas


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    Pocahontas wasn't just an open-minded explorer with great hair -- she also knew a thing or two about compassion. Allowing ourselves to see the humanity in our supposed enemies to help us find a path to peace is a lesson all girls should learn.

  • Rapunzel


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    Rapunzel started out with a comfort zone the size of a minivan and what had to be an outrageous shampoo bill. But by the end of Tangled she's gone from whacking people on the head with frying pans to reuniting with her true family and leading her kingdom. Rapunzel reminds us that curiosity can lead to life-changing discoveries.

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