Kid's Party Drink: Zootopia Fox & Bunny Mocktail

I don’t need a crystal ball to predict one of the newest birthday party themes. All you have to do is go to the theatre and you’ll see what I mean.


When Mike, Sam and I were at the Disney Hollywood Studios last January we got to see previews for their new movie, ZOOTOPIA.  We were excited for it to be released and made sure to be at the theatre opening weekend. We weren’t disappointed.

In fact, it wasn’t just Sam who enjoyed the movie. Even Mike and I were laughing out loud and he’s someone who doesn’t typically get into animals wearing clothes!

I think this move is an instant Disney classic. With thematic messages like how important it is to believe in yourself and how important it is to look beyond stereotypes to see value in every person, ZOOTOPIA says things parents want to say to their kids, but with colorful animation, humor, music, and mystery. A fun storyline and lots of action make it all happen.

I think this Fox and Bunny Mocktail is a great way to toast a family fun night at the movies or a birthday boy, who may or may not be a little party animal!

The red represents the charming fox, Nick Wilde, voiced perfectly by Jason Bateman. The white ice cream “bunny tail” represents Lt. Judy Hopps, voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin, who is also fantastic. As a rabbit, Judy is the first non-predator police officer in Zootopia. This unlikely duo works well together—as do the flavors of this mocktail.


2 cups lemon lime soda
2 cups sparkling water
½ cup grenadine syrup
vanilla ice cream
maraschino cherries

Combine soda, sparkling water and grenadine into a pitcher.  Stir and divide into 4 glasses.  Top each glass with vanilla ice cream and a cherry.

Any movie aficionado will tell you ZOOTOPIA is awesome! People are already calling it a Disney classic. I’m also calling it a great birthday party theme.

You’ll be able to get your copy on Blu-ray™ or Digital HD version June 7, or pre-order it now here. Toast each other with a Fox and Bunny Mocktail!


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