Last Minute Hand-Made Christmas Gifts

...of the non-lame variety. That's what bloggers milkandcookie promise in their hilarious post today. What they don't give is a bunch of instructions (click the links for that), but truthfully, once you look at the pictures you can figure it out. All you need is, well, the stuff below, and some crafty kids with a little time on their hands.


Have fun!!!

Pinecone bird feeder.

Homemade bath salts. Sea salts, bath oil, cute jar, KERBLAM, gift.

Chocolate dipped spoons. Super-easy, super-fun-for-kids-to-taste-test method for making chocolate dipped spoons. Put them in a fancy mug with some gourmet ground coffee, maybe.

Mulled spices.

Wine charms.

Marble magnets.

Fridge tin pen holder.

Cookie mix.

Did you make any gifts this holiday?

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