Little Girl's 'Sinus Infection' Was Actually a Safety Pin Stuck Up Her Nose for Months

A 5-year-old named Khloe was suffering from a horrific runny nose that drained green green green on the reg. Doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with her and assumed little Khole Powell had a really, really long-lasting sinus infection. Spoiler Alert: SHE DIDN'T. What this little cutie pie did have, however, was a safety pin lodged up her nose.


And it was lodged there for six months!

Love how Khloe "acted clueless at first" --  but then confessed she'd been playing with safety pins to see how far she could put them up her nose.

There's a lesson here for all parents. I'll let you figure out what it is while I am all over here:


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Thankfully, my kids never shoved anything up their own noses, or in any other orifices, but I think this is a pretty common problem a lot of parents deal with. So, if you notice green stuff leaking out of your kid's nose, now we know ... maybe double check that he or she hasn't been using it as a sewing box. 


Image via ABC News

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