Super Lice Are Back: 7 Stages of Discovering Your Kid Has Them (GIFS)

itchy head

Research from Southern Illinois University has just confirmed every parent's worst fear: 25 states have a new strain of super lice that are totally resistant to over-the-counter and prescription lice treatments. 


If you are anything like me, your skin started crawling just reading that. So how would you feel if you found out your kid brought these new crazy mutant teenage death-defying lice home from school?

super lice

A little something like this  ...

1. At first, you would be in denial

You may notice your kid scratching her head and you may simply assume she is just itchy. Nothing more. You wouldn't even bother thinking it's anything more sinister.


2. Then ... Vague Uneasiness  

This is how you feel when your school sends home a letter saying that someone in class has been discovered by the school nurse to have head lice and that you should check your child. You're not totally panicking yet, because you think to yourself, "My kid cannot have lice! I wash her hair daily! My house isn't dirty!" 

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3. Until you fire up the Google machine and realize ...

Lice don't care how clean your house is or how often your kid washes her hair. As a matter of fact, lice love clean hair because these slippery suckers like being able to travel through hair easily. 

4. Then you would reluctantly check your kid

And I know, it's terrifying. 

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5. And then there would be all the this ...

Because you know you will have to wash all her bedding, towels, clothes, stuffed animals, and hair accessories. 

6. And this ...

You will call your mom, your #momsquad, your frenemy, and your kid's pediatrician to ask how to get rid of these little suckers.


7. And then finally ...

Because this is the only rational reaction for when your kid has super lice -- to drink ALL the booze.

Here's hoping your kid never gets them!

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