Target's Female Superhero Action Figures Will Kick Butt in So Many Ways

Target to debut DC Super Hero girls

Somewhere, there's a Spice Girls song playing -- because what I'm about to tell you is all about girl power. Coming this March to Target stores are "DC Super Hero Girls," a new collection that's generating a ton of buzz -- and will likely have parents lining up to get their hands on this awesome merchandise.


With the collection featuring noteworthy characters like Batgirl, Supergirl, Poison Ivy, Bumble Bee, Harley Quinn, and an awesome lady that goes by the name Wonder Woman, young girls are going to have everything from toys to clothing and accessories that are all about empowerment -- including discovering the superhero within.

And if you still don't think this is a "super" big deal, allow me to drop a little knowledge. According to Target, these are the first six-inch action figures designed for girls ... ever.

They also happen to be the first-ever action role-play toys for girls.

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I am all about this, and hope that some of the merchandise comes in adult sizes. With so many movies coming out about superheroes, I think having a collection like this is spot on -- and is a visual reminder to all children (not just girls) that ladies can kick ass, just as much as their male counterparts can.

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Our daughters need this.

Our sons need this.

It's a win-win situation for everyone.



Image via Target

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