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5 Things That Bug You About Your Kid, but Will Land Her a Corner Office

Big Kid Tanvier Peart Feb 12, 2016

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Parents with a headstrong child, listen up. No matter how much your son or daughter gives it to you, a new study says your kid's stubbornness could indicate future success.

Published in the journal Developmental Psychology, researchers followed over 700 children, ages 8 through 12, for several decades, and found that those with "stubborn traits" have a greater chance of impacting their career and future income in a positive way -- even over their own IQ, or Mom and Dad's socioeconomic status.

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So, what, pray tell, are these stubborn traits parents should look out for that might lead to prosperity down the road?

Take a look.



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1If your child is a rule breaker ...

Researchers believe rule breaking and defying Mom and Dad are key signs your kid will earn the big bucks. In many ways, breaking rules can be looked at as coloring outside the lines, or moving to the beat of your own drum. This in turn can yield an independent thinker who isn't afraid to go against the grain in order to achieve his or her dreams. So the next time your child tries to fight you on bedtime, think of the rebellion as an opportunity to sharpen his or her negotiating skills -- that can lead to future boardroom deals, a higher salary, and a corner office.

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2If your child is an overachiever ...

Stubborn children who are studious tend to be prosperous in life. Marion Spengler and other researchers note that these type of kids are not only responsible students, but also very scholarly -- even becoming "educational overachievers." Scientists conclude that stubborn little ones are more likely to demonstrate a competitiveness in the classroom, which can lead to better grades and, hopefully, a similar tenacity in their career as adults.

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3If your child always wants more ...

Having a sense of entitlement isn't always a bad thing. Stubborn kids with this trait won't settle for things that don't bring them joy. So if you think about giving them a smaller piece of cake or candy -- compared to that of their friends and siblings -- think again. They're going to want that bigger piece. In fact, this belief, that he or she deserves to have something, could lead your little one to demand a bigger bonus or salary on the job. And the benefits of entitlement don't stop there. Experts at the ILR School and Vanderbilt University determined that people with an entitled attitude are also very creative. They note that entitlement can produce a uniqueness that individuals yearn to express.

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4If your child is a pessimist ...

Researchers associated with a study published in the journal Experimental Neurobiology are quick to note how people with low expectations tend to identify dangers and setbacks, which could help explain why pessimistic children will likely see future success. Knowing that Mom will say no to your request could make a child go back to the drawing board and generate a more creative plan of attack. Pessimistic kids can use their outlook as a driving factor to hone their problem-solving skills, and to identify areas that need improvement so they can fix them -- becoming a well-rounded professional.

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5If your child is impatient ...

Where there's a strong-willed child, there's a kid who finds a way. Kids not willing to wait for someone to do something, or a situation to present itself, can express an eagerness that could lead to very successful results. An impatient child just might be the person who invents the next big thing that provides instant gratification, or at the very least, makes our lives much easier.


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