9 Ways Moms Get Their Kids to Help in the Kitchen Without a Struggle

mom and son baking

It was a typical Tuesday night, and I was once again trying to race the clock to get dinner on the table so we'd have enough time to squeeze in homework, baths, and a little bit of quality time before bed. My youngest, wanting some attention now, was attached to my leg as I was trying to chop some onions.


For a moment, I thought of shooing her away. But instead I pulled up a chair and let her stand beside me and put chopped vegetables into the salad. She beamed with pride about being a helper, and then -- miracle of miracles! -- she actually ate some salad that night at dinner.

(Okay, fine, she ate three bell pepper bites and spit out the lettuce, but still -- progress!)

Hey, maybe having a sense of pride in helping create their meals can make kids more likely to try new and healthy foods. Plus, who doesn't want a little help in the kitchen?

It's worth a shot, so I hit up some of my wise mom friends to share how they've found success getting their kids into the kitchen. Pop on your chef's hat and get inspired!


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