There Is Something Very Wrong With This Teacher's Spelling Assignment

spelling homeworkNo matter how realistic (i.e., low) our expectations of the quality of our children's education might be, most parents at least hope their kids will learn how to spell basic words at school. That's why one UK mom was horrified when her son brought home a list of spelling words to study -- that weren't even spelled correctly!


Amanda of Kent (who goes by @Pandamoanium on Twitter) was shocked when she saw the following typo-filled list from her son's teacher -- so shocked, in fact, that she decided to tweet about it:

Wow. WOW! I don't even know where to start with this one. Maybe with "Please try to help you child learn these" or the fact that "pick up in class the following work" makes literally no sense at all. Of course, the worst part is that giving students a spelling list of misspelled words is about as counterproductive, academically, as you can get -- or is the worst part that a teacher of "year 6" (the sixth year of compulsory education in the UK, generally including kids ages 10 to 12) doesn't know how to spell these words in the first place? (Or how to use spell check, apparently.)

Not surprisingly, Amanda's tweet has gotten thousands of retweets and a seemingly endless stream of comments from appalled Twitter users. And while Amanda has since posted an updated version of the homework sheet which she found in her son's bag, this "edited" sheet is still far from perfect:

"I will be sending home I will be sending home." Oh, did you mean to say you will be sending home?? At least the words are spelled correctly. 

I wish I could say any of this is surprising to me, but I've seen this kind of thing happen too frequently with my own kids. Typos on homework sheets like this one are practically commonplace; my daughter even had a writing teacher in middle school whose comments in red ink on the margins of her papers were routinely misspelled.

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It's just another unwelcome but necessary reminder that we can't take the quality of our children's education for granted, and that it's up to us as parents to fill in the gaps (or at least fight for improvements in schools that won't leave such huge gaps in the first place).

And I mean that sincerley


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