'Boys Will Be Boys' & This Picture Proves It (PHOTO)

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"Boys will be boys." This four-word phrase has been used time and time again, in attempts to describe the playful and sometimes naughty behavior of young men. Boys are thought to be rough, lovers of dirt, advocates of toy cars and superheroes, and amateur acrobats. This ad showing boys with babydolls, however, definitely goes against the grain of gender roles and accepted stereotypes.


Nothing like three little boys wearing crocheted doll slings to make you do a double take.

The National At-Home Dad Network proudly put their stamp of approval (or logo) on this awesome photo from Small Potatoes. Their mission is to empower fathers everywhere to be their best selves, and not feel that caring for their children -- or stepping outside of their "traditional role" -- makes them any less of a man.

As you can see, these "boys will be boys," but not how you might think. For starters, it's not really "the norm" for young lads to cradle a babydoll, let alone really play with one ... right?


Posted by Family Sprouts on Sunday, January 3, 2016

I love this image.

There are tons of boys around the world who love playing with dolls, just as many girls love doing "boy things"; I think this photo helps reiterate that "nurturing toys" aren't just for females. Boys can play with them too -- and still be boys! This, of course, doesn't mean there's no room for all those wonderful toys in the boys' section of a store. It just means they're allowed to walk across the aisle to have a little more fun.

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As silly as this message might be to some, I think it's definitely a reminder about the gender roles in our society. We should allow our children to play with toys that give them joy (assuming they don't cause harm to their well-being, of course) instead of side-eyeing something that doesn't fall in place with who we think they should be.

Boys can play with dolls. Boys can play with household-related toys.

It doesn't make them any less of a "dude."




Image via wckiw/Shutterstock

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