Every Mom's School Morning Fantasies vs. Reality

child with mismatched socks
If your hectic weekday mornings are so stressful that you find yourself dreading the next day before dinnertime is even over, you're not alone. Getting an entire family out the door on time when everybody is still half asleep is a monumental task, and even the most efficient mom can find her streamlined a.m. fantasies derailed on a daily basis!


No matter how hard we try to make reality match up to the golden-hued breakfast commercial mornings of our dreams, it seems like every day merely serves as the start of yet another rat race guaranteed to put gray hair on our heads. These are just a few of the ways our actual mornings pale in comparison to our #MorningGoals:

Wake-Up Fantasy: Rising and Shining!

Everybody remembers to set their alarms (even the kids!) and they all go off on time (even yours!). Naturally, everyone springs out of bed right away -- no bleary-eyed snooze button-pressing for your family! Good thing you made sure everyone went to sleep right on time the night before!

Wake-Up Reality: First Fight of the Day

Only you remember to set your alarm, which you don't hear the first two times it goes off because the baby kept you up for hours and you're in a sleep deprivation-induced coma. But even though the kids accidentally got to sleep in a little bit (your fault!), you still have to drag them out of bed kicking and screaming, because of course nobody went to sleep on time the night before (also your fault!).

Breakfast Fantasy: Healthy and Delicious!

Breakfast is the sort of Pinterest-worthy spread you can imagine a nutrition expert on a morning talk show telling parents to make. Fresh, seasonal fruit! Fritattas made with organic eggs! Green smoothies! You had plenty of time to cook, since you got up so early.

Breakfast Reality: Hey, It's Something

Eggs? You forgot to buy those the last two times you went grocery shopping. The last piece of bread burned in the toaster so you throw a baggie of goldfish crackers at your kid as he runs out the door -- carbs are carbs, right? Maybe he'll find half a granola bar in the bottom of his backpack on the way to school.

Kid Wardrobe Fantasy: A Crewcuts Catalog

Because you're such an organized and devoted laundress, your kids always have plenty of clean clothes to choose from. And they're always dressed on time in seasonally appropriate, coordinating outfits (that fit!). 

Kid Wardrobe Reality: Laundry Emergency

Because the hampers in your house have been overflowing for the past week, your kids have no clean underwear and only a couple of mismatched socks -- and the only clothes left to wear are the ones they've just about outgrown but you haven't thrown away yet just in case of a laundry emergency like this one. Is it so bad to send your kid to school wearing capri pants in winter?

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Conversation Fantasy: There Is Some!

While eating the aforementioned Pinterest-worthy breakfast, you and your kids enjoy a leisurely chat about what they learned in school that week, the unseasonably warm weather, and the future of space travel. Thankfully you remembered to sign all the permission slips, reading logs and math tests last night!

Conversation Reality: No Talk. Just Panic.

While eating the aforementioned burnt-toast-and-goldfish-breakfast, your kid has a panic attack because he's already late and you still haven't even signed his reading log. And where is that permission slip, anyway? Forget small talk. You proceed to rifle through a huge, messy stack of papers.

Your Style Fantasy: Channeling Sarah Jessica Parker... or Maybe Reese Witherspoon

Back when you rose at the crack of dawn with a twinkle in your eye, you showered and dressed in a stylish but casual outfit. You even brushed your hair and put on some mascara and concealer! Just wait 'til those other moms at drop-off get a load of you.

Your Style Reality: Sorry, There Is No Celeb Equivalent

No time for changing into yoga pants; it's pajamas all the way today! Where are your shoes? No time to look -- maybe you can drive barefoot? Is that even legal?

Thank goodness for coffee! And take heart, discouraged, sleepy moms -- the sun will come out tomorrow! And you'll have to do it all over again ...


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