Kids Answer the Questions About Santa You're Afraid to Ask (VIDEO)

What kids really think of SantaWondering what your little ones really think about Santa? We got the scoop. And, boy, is it entertaining! As you'd expect, kids have all sorts of clever ideas when it comes to Jolly Old St. Nick. But it's also a hoot to hear them weigh in on his wife and flying reindeer as well!


What does Santa eat when he's not chowing down on the cookies we leave out for him? How many elves are employed by the man in the big red suit? Take a listen and find out, because these kids have it all figured out ... almost.

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How cute is it when the kids speculate on how Mr. & Mrs. Claus may have met? Too funny! (We're relieved they didn't say Tinder!) 

The magic of Christmas becomes even more special when explained by these precious little Santa fans, doesn't it?


Image via cafemomstudios/YouTube

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