Michelle Obama Raps With Jay Pharoah to Make Your Lazy Kid Wanna Go to College (VIDEO)

Are you a mom of a preteen or teenager who is starting to make noise about what they wanna do with their life? Then you may wanna be the cool mom and show them this video starring our first lady and SNL's Jay Pharoah rapping about how they should really go to college.


I have a kid in college. 

It's damn expensive. The main reason why we pay his tuition is because we hope he will one day support us when we are old and drooling into our oatmeal.

I think it's important for kids to go to college, even though Goldman Sachs just released a report that says that the average return on college is falling. The report even states that a kid who starts college in 2030, without any grants or financial aid, may not even see a return on their (or, usually, their parents') investment until they turn 37. Yikes. That's a long time your kid with a BA in English Literature may be living in your basement, but at least college can teach them other valuable things, like how to think independently and 20 different ways to prepare Ramen noodles. 

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Regardless, the video is cute, and it's fun to see Michelle rock the mic.

I'm not totally sure it will inspire teenagers to actually go to college -- I think that comes from their friends and parents -- but it's got a good beat; you can dance to it. 


Image via College Humour / YouTube

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