12 Clever Last-Minute Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Desperate Moms (PHOTOS)

Elf on a Shelf dinosaur ideaIf there's one thing this holiday season that will be the death of moms everywhere, it's that dang Elf on the Shelf (trademark)! Sure, they're cute, are bendy, and look adorable in a Christmas getup -- but boy do you feel like the Grinch, should you forget to arrange your little buddy the night before.


Hey, it happens.

Thankfully, there's still time to get in on the action. Check out these darling examples.

1. Elf bath. Don't we all need a few more minutes in a soothing bath ... even if it is made of marshmallows?

2. Frozen celebration. Any Elsa fans out there? You're welcome.

3. Feeling under the weather. Aww, no one enjoys being sick. Hopefully your elf will feel better soon.

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4. Star Wars fun. "The force is strong in this one." If your child has a few Star Wars characters around the house, you can reimagine fun moments from this unforgettable franchise.

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5. Cookie monster. Uh-oh ... someone ate all the cookies. Mom, can you make more?

 6. Hanging good time. Who needs to pay for the circus when you can enjoy a performance in the comfort of your own home? Sia did say to swing from the chandeliers.

 7. Potty training. Well, at least the elf went boo boo in the toilet (those are pieces of chocolate, not real turds). Good job!

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8. Snow angels. Aww, can you remember doing this when you were a child?

9. Clean up on aisle 3! This happens all the time ... right?

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10. Downward-facing Elf. Namaste, little one, namaste.

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11. Laundry day. Maybe Elf will inspire members of your household to do more chores. You never know.

12. "Netflix and chill." Sometimes, you just want to stay in, pop in a holiday movie, and stuff your face with a good snack.

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