How Teachers Like to Be Thanked at the Holidays (and How They Don't)

 apple giftI think teachers are heroes and miracle workers and deserve to get paid way more than they do. (Who agrees!?) I mean, my son's teacher taught him to read! So when it comes time to get her a holiday gift, I want to make sure I get her something she'll actually like.


Thankfully, a bunch of teachers were willing to spill the beans on what kinds of holiday thank-you gifts they really want this year ... and which ones you are better off skipping (seriously, no more mugs!). Check out these great suggestions -- some of them don't cost money at all!

"I want families to know that they don't have to get me anything. It isn't a competition, and gift or no gift doesn't change how I see your child. I know families have very different financial circumstances. That said, one of the best gifts I've ever gotten was when a mom volunteered to help me grade homework every Friday afternoon. It was so nice to have weekends with no grading!" -- Mrs. B., 3rd grade teacher

"Coffee gift cards! Now and forever. I have to get to school by 7:05 a.m. every day, and I love a nice hot latte to get me through the morning. But please, no mugs! Every year I get multiple cute mugs, and I just don't have space for all of them anymore, so I end up giving them to Goodwill." -- Ms. Y., 1st grade teacher

"I would honestly love practical classroom stuff. I often end up buying tissues, more glue sticks, fresh crayons, and other supplies because we run out by January. A gift card to a store where I can buy that stuff would be awesome!" -- Miss C., pre-K teacher

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"I just want to be thanked with support. Call me, text me, stop by my classroom and say thanks, and tell me you appreciate my work. Vote for political candidates that support education. Return my calls if I have a concern about your child. That would be enough." -- Ms. B., 8th grade teacher

"Can I say wine? Because that is the truth. Wine." -- Mrs. V., 4th grade teacher.

"Last year, the parents in my class pooled their money and got me a $300 gift card to a retail store. That, plus the fact that I didn't get a single thing with apples on it, made it the best year ever!" -- Mr. C., 2nd grade teacher

"Gifts are always nice and appreciated, but acts of service are also really meaningful. Volunteer to come help in the classroom. Chaperone the field trip. Help with field day. Don't make us beg for help, please!" -- Mrs. T., 1st grade

"As a high school teacher, I don't get many gifts. I'd be happy for a note from a student or parent thanking me for my work. I'd also like parents to not give their kids the latest and greatest cell phone for Christmas. I'll be fighting those for my students' attention all spring." -- Mr. F., 12th grade math teacher

"Any gift is nice, but can I beg you to not get baked goods? There is always so much food around school this time of year and there are only so many trays of cookies I can take home. I end up throwing a lot away, which makes me feel guilty." -- Ms. H., 3rd grade teacher

"One of my favorite gifts was when a parent offered to pay for a class pizza party. I got to choose the goal for the kids to work toward (I chose 10,000 minutes of reading), and he agreed to cover the cost of the pizza reward. I make $27,600 a year, so every penny is tight, and I can't afford to do things like that on my own." -- Miss K., 2nd grade teacher

"Gift cards are almost always better than anything else. I've been teaching for 40 years. There isn't anything with '#1 Teacher' on it that I don't already have!" -- Mrs. A., kindergarten teacher

"I love when parents share their talents with the class. Can you play an instrument? Come play for us and tell the kids about it! Are you an artist, a blogger, a singer? Kids love to learn from adults with interesting hobbies or skills." -- Mrs. T., 1st grade teacher

"There is a cute little coffee and sandwich shop right by our school. Hook me up with a gift card for somewhere that I can get to on my very short lunch hour!" -- Mrs. F., 5th grade teacher

How are you thanking your child's teacher?


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