Gay Drama Teacher's Response to Homophobic Mom Who Pulled Her Kids Out of Class Is Epic (PHOTO)

Drama theater/stageA drama teacher across the pond is making headlines for an unscripted encounter that's receiving a standing ovation across the world. Michael Neri is the owner of Talking Props Theatre School in England who can't believe a mom removed her children from his class because he's gay.


Talk about an awkward exit stage right!

Michael received an unexpected text from a mother -- whose two children were enrolled in one of his classes -- saying she wanted a refund after finding out he was gay. Stating her opinions about her beliefs (and marriage), this mystery mom drafted her text message and hit the send button.

Little did she know, her response would receive one from Michael -- that would go viral.


Where the heck do you begin with something like this? It's so random, and unnecessary! Look, all of us are entitled to our beliefs and convictions, but that doesn't mean we have to treat each other like we have the cooties. I'm a Christian too, but I wouldn't pull one of my boys from a class if a teacher had a different faith or sexual orientation. That has nothing to do with his or her ability to instruct a class and teach the curriculum.

Plus, where's the love for your neighbor?

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As a parent, you have the right to enroll and pull your kid out of a class -- but I really think her kids missed out on a cool opportunity. Mom admits Michael has a "strong reputation for performing arts," so who cares whom he's sleeping with at night? It would be one thing if an educator was trying to push his or her ideals on your child -- or do something in secret -- but this? I have to give it two thumbs down.

"I wish you luck in finding an appropriate stage school that meets your needs, however from experience I find that theatre without gays is like cooking without spices (just my opinion)."


Bye, Felicia.



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