5 Ways to Be Thankful for Pirate's Booty This Thanksgiving

girls eating Pirate's Booty

Thanksgiving is a special family time for feasting and fun - and this year, you should have Pirate’s Booty on hand to help with both of those! Here’s why:


1. There’s a historical link! One of the main ingredients in Pirate's Booty is corn, and we all know that corn was among the crops introduced to the Pilgrims by the Native Americans around the time of the first Thanksgiving. So it’s a totally appropriate Thanksgiving snack. Set a small bowl of Pirate’s Booty at each child’s place setting to give them something to nibble on between courses.

2. There’s a contemporary link! For the second year, Pirate’s Booty will have a float - a huge pirate ship "sailing" down Fifth Avenue - in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Kids will love the awesomeness of being able to snack on the very foodstuff that’s being celebrated on their TV screen.

3. It’s just delicious! Kids love the crunch, and moms love that Pirate’s Booty is a better-for-you snack that even the pickiest eaters will devour. Heck, even moms have been known to sneak some from their kids when the little ones aren’t looking!

4. It’ll keep them busy while you cook! Even after snack time is done, kids can amuse themselves with a variety of fun activities on the Pirate's Booty web site, including origami boat and eye-patch crafts, a cool treasure hunt map, and a pirate’s drawing guide. Or you can draw a tic-tac-toe board on a paper plate and have them use cheddar Pirate’s Booty and green Veggie Booty instead of Xs and Os to play the game – they get to eat them up when each round is done! (And even if they refuse to eat anything else green during dinner, they’ll at least have gotten some kale in via the Veggie Booty, so consider it a mom win!)

5. It’ll liven things up at the table! Just when you sense the kids’ patience is running out, hand them a printed copy of the Pirate’s Booty glossary of pirate lingo and see if they can’t engage Aunt Dottie and Uncle Bob in some friendly buccaneer banter during the holiday meal.

How do you keep Thanksgiving fun and festive for your kids?

Images (top L and R) by Lauren Silberman

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