Kid Has a Brilliant Response to Environmentally Forward Homework (PHOTO)

Young kid's funny response to homework questionChildren have been known to be very ... honest -- which is why this student's comical answer to a homework assignment that centers around critical thinking is quite entertaining.


I don't know much about this student, where he or she comes from, or the kinds of things this kid studies in class. What is, however, apparent is a sense of humor, and an environmentally friendly approach to preserving our natural resources that doesn't require tearing anything down.

I'm not saying this answer was the best option, but obviously the teacher thought it was good enough to get full credit.

Judging by the penmanship, this kid is likely young.

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Who the heck knows what was on pages 120–133 of this homework assignment. All I know is that this student cares enough about his or her surroundings to not cut down any trees for the sake of a home. After all, the assignment implies you want to build a home on the land. You don't necessarily need to do it.

Some people might have a problem with the straightforward response, as it doesn't provide a ton of detail. Others might be okay with getting to the point -- given so many are long-winded in life.

Critical thinking questions like this are open to interpretation.



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