Dad's Funny School Late Note Reveals Mom Does It Better (PHOTO)

Hand writing noteWhat was your excuse when you didn't make it to your classroom seat before the morning bell rang? Teachers have probably seen and heard it all -- but maybe not honesty like this. Hanoch Daum is a publicist and humor writer whose Facebook post of a dad's funny school late note is getting a ton of attention, and just as many laughs.


Sometimes, it's better to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Just ask Israeli dad Shalom Misk, who kept daughter Talia's late note short and sweet. Shalom has no problem admitting, when it comes to getting the kiddos ready for school, Mom does it better.

מדוייק!Shalom Misk

Posted by ‎×�נ×�×� ×�×�×�×� - Hanoch Daum‎ on Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Here's how the note translates:

To Talia's teacher

Late Note

Good morning teacher!

Dad is not Mom. And Dad can't do in one hour what Mom can do in half an hour.

Therefore, Talia is late.



Late notes can get annoying, as it's very easy to run out of excuses for being ... late. You gotta give Shalom an A for humor.

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Honestly, I'm always the late one, and my husband is always on time (or earlier). At some point, I too would probably cop to my tardiness issues and just tell it like it is.

Good one, Dad.



Image via Panya Piyaprakongsri/shutterstock

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