Inspiration for a Pretty & Practical DIY Homeschool Classroom

homeschool classroomIf you're a parent who homeschools, you know how important it is to have an ideal work space. You want it to be attractive yet practical and well organized at the same time. But fitting all those qualities into one area can be challenging.


Luckily we found some homeschoolers and an interior designer who get high marks for creating stunning and functional classrooms.

Interior designer Jeanette Simpson of Kid Space Stuff explains that in order for a homeschool classroom to be successful for both students and teachers, organization is key. Making sure everything has a place is of utmost importance -- because once that tidal wave of clutter starts to build, you're sunk. Cubbies, shelves, and a well-ordered book rack really make a huge difference.

organized homeschool classroom

A large white board (pictured above) makes teaching easier. Making it visible from all angles is ideal for students.

Carissa of 1plus1plus1equals1 recommends using inexpensive bins and labeling them with a photo of what's inside. This way her pupils can find what they're looking for quickly and easily. 

homeschool classroom

Good lighting is also essential, since it keeps students alert. A floor-to-ceiling chalkboard is awesome for little learners, Simpson says.   

homeschool classroom

Having sufficient work space is extremely important as well, Simpson notes. 

Using a natural color scheme helps to promote a feeling of calm within the space, the designer adds.

homeschool classroom

Heidi of Happiness Is Homemade says she knew she needed to get the clutter under control in order to keep her days running smoothly, so she picked up some color-coordinated bins (shown in the main photo and below). This system keeps everyone organized and enables them to move efficiently through their school day. 

homeschool classroom

Having an attractive, comfortable, and well-organized homeschool classroom is a great way to create an environment where students and teachers thrive.


Images via happinessishomemade.netKid Space

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