15 Words Kids Hilariously Mispronounce

kids reading and laughingAs a parent, I know that I'm responsible for helping my kids grow and learn. That means correcting them when they get something wrong, and 99 percent of the time I'm on board with that mission. But then my daughter describes something that happened last week as happening "yesterdays ago," and I think Nope! Not correcting that. Ever. Too cute.


The truth is, language is a tricky thing, which is why so many parents have their own memories of adorable and hilarious kid mispronunciations. Can you blame them for not wanting to correct some of these?

1. "Morgan (age 5) still says 'hanitizer' for hand sanitizer." -- Carla D., Dyer, Indiana

2. "My daughter says 'licorice store' for liquor store. One day she asked why it was called that even though they gave out suckers, not licorice. (Yes, our liquor store is family friendly!)" -- Lindsay V., Saint Paul, Minnesota

3. "Ian says 'hosiple' for hospital. And my adverb-loving son, age 6, says 'pretendly.'" -- Johanna I., St. Louis, Missouri

4. "When she was around 6 or so, my daughter asked for spaghetti with 'Farmer John cheese' on it. Took me a minute to get to Parmesan cheese." -- Julianne G., Des Moines, Iowa

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5. "Luke, age 7, used to pronounce 'pretend' as 'be-tend,' which led to conjugations like, 'I'm bein' tend I'm a superhero!'' -- Marcy L., Des Moines, Iowa

6. "My son (age 8) pronounces our former home state as 'Arizonya.' His little sister now pronounces it the exact same way." -- Wendy T., Grand Rapids, Michigan

7. "In Star Wars, there is 'Dark Vader' and also 'Storm Treepers.'" -- Johanna A., Saint Paul, Minnesota

8. "When she was little, our daughter called turn signals 'dinker donkers' after the sound they made. She is in college now but the whole family still calls them that." -- Barb R., Indianola, Iowa

9. "My son, age 4, calls it 'hayving' instead of behaving. So he'll say, 'I'm hayving today! I'm not in trouble!'" -- Anne L., Tucson, Arizona

10. "Finn would say 'Cheese-L weasels' for 'Geez Louise.'" -- Maeve C., Des Moines, Iowa

11. "My daughter long, long ago used to say 'Galicious Gazzert' for delicious dessert. We still say that. Some things just need to stay forever." -- Teresa S, Tucson, Arizona

12. "When he was little -- around 3 or 4 -- my son started calling his bottom his 'biscuits.' He's 12 now and still calls them that at home. I hope that never changes!" -- Tracy C., Chicago, Illinois

13. "One of my twins told his first-grade teacher that he was a 'fat-and-ernal' twin-- Sara F., Denton, Texas

14. "My 5-year-old still calls her belly button her 'bee bo.' I love it." -- Elizabeth A., Tampa, Florida

15. "I should correct her, but it makes me laugh that my daughter thinks that boys have a body part called the 'peanuts.'" -- Farrah B., Los Gatos, California

What are your favorite kid mispronunciations?

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