Most Popular Halloween Candy by State

Caroline Olney | Oct 29, 2015 Big Kid
Most Popular Halloween Candy by State
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Leena Robinson/Shutterstock

There are many wonderful things about Halloween and fall, but the most wonderful of all is how much more acceptable it becomes to buy pounds of candy (literally) all at once. It is the perfect excuse to indulge without having to shyly buy the candy bags at the grocery store. Everyone does it, but according to a new survey from Influencer, the kind of candy people buy depends a lot on their state. Surprised? 

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Each state has a clear favorite, and there's a lot more variety in kinds of candy than one might think. For example, one might think Pixy Stix are totally obsolete, but a lot of people from one southeastern state would strongly disagree. And it's no surprise that chocolate candies made the list -- Milky Ways, Snickers, and Reese's Pieces are obvious winners to our taste buds. But Sweet Tarts? Who thought that those sour tablets would be tops on any state's list. Bleh!

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Looking for a little candy inspiration, but not sure which one is the best bet to buy? Here's each candy and which states claim it as their favorite. Take a look and tell us if this list gets it right. And remember to say trick-or-treat! 


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