Playtime Music Playlists You & Your Kids Can Agree On

Most of the time, a solid playlist of good music makes everything better. You have a car playlist and a cooking playlist and an ... ahem ... evening playlist, so why haven't you made a playtime playlist yet? It already has a fun name, and a great soundtrack for playtime can really up the creativity and fun factor for the kids.


Since you probably want some ideas for said playlist, we decided on a couple ground rules.

First, high-energy songs are best. Pick tunes that are going to keep kids moving around, not snoozing on their Legos. Second, G-rated is an obvious must -- no mom is ever really ready to explain the meaning of an f-bomb to her kid.

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But all that doesn't mean you'll be stuck listening to Kidz Bop and Raffi from now until dinnertime -- there are plenty of popular tunes you'll love to be locked in with that will get your kids' toes tapping, too.

We picked our favorites from three categories -- chart toppers, classics, and indie/alternative gems -- but the options are endless. Mix and match from our playlists or build your own based on what you (and your kids) like. We don't judge taste around here!

1. Chart-Topper Playlist
All the songs on this playlist of record-smashing faves will be instantly recognizable to kids, and despite being totally popular with people of all ages, all are 100 percent G-rated. We love these picks for their bouncing tempos and catchy lyrics -- we know we're singing along. 


2. Oldies (but Goodies) Playlist
Just because you have classic taste in music doesn't mean you can't share your favorites with the kids -- if you loved these songs so much when you were their age (and your parents played them for you), who's to say they won't love them, too? Try warming them up with a playlist of your favorite songs from the '60s, '70s, and '80s (or earlier!), or use our short list of our upbeat favorites.


3. Indie and Alternative Playlist
We get it, you're a music snob. That makes it hard to jam to One Direction, even if your kids love every chorus. These bands might be slightly more obscure than Katy Perry and J Biebs, but we can pretty much guarantee these light, energy-filled tunes will snag the interest of your kids ... with the added benefit of making playtime more listenable for you.


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