10 Ways to Plan a Drama-Free -- and Super-Fun! -- Family Game Night

family board game nightAs someone who loves games, I was thrilled when I recently realized my youngest child -- at 3 and a half -- is finally old enough to play board games. Now we can have a true family game night.


A family game night is a great (and low-cost!) way for a family to connect and have fun, and it can even teach kids valuable lessons about sportsmanship and following directions. We've now started doing game night on Friday nights, and turns out, my 3-year-old has a killer Bingo winning streak going!

But, when having a game night, it's not always perfect. How do you keep family members of all ages engaged in the game? Prevent meltdowns over losing, and taunting about winning? With these tips from other moms, you'll find it's even easier to plan a low-drama family game night that everyone in your family can enjoy.


Image © skynesher/iStock

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