11 Times Kids Amazed Us With Their Good Deeds (PHOTOS)

Wendy Robinson | Oct 7, 2015 Big Kid

little girl with heartThere's plenty of bad news on the daily. Parents can feel worried that kids won't learn about positivity and kindness in today's society. But it only takes a minute to stop and think about all the amazing things kids do every day that can totally inspire us to be more giving and caring.

Judging from these stories, there's reason to be optimistic about the future. Read on and be inspired by what even the youngest kids can teach us about kindness and giving back. Through acts big and small, these kids are already making the world a brighter place.

What amazing acts of kid kindness have you witnessed?

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  • Giving Party



    "My daughter really surprised me when she told me that she wanted to donate her birthday gifts to kids in need. She even included a note about it in her party invitation, and we ended up with a whole van full of toys to donate. She has such a big heart!" -- Mary Catherine P., Milford, Utah

  • Hat Day for a Cause


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    "My son's school has a strict 'no hats' policy, but they of course made an exception for a little girl who had cancer and lost her hair due to chemo. I was really impressed when I got a notice from the school that a group of fifth graders made a deal with the principal that anybody who wanted to wear a hat on Fridays could -- as long as they donated $1 to cancer research. So far they've raised almost $500 between all the grades." -- Melody W., Des Moines, Iowa

  • Piggy Bank Generosity



    "My son and I saw a homeless man with a sign asking for money when we were driving home from the store. He asked what that man was doing, and I tried to explain homelessness as gently as I could to a 3-year-old. I about burst into tears when we got home and he grabbed his piggy bank and said he wanted to give some of his nickles to that man." -- Carolina G., Yuma, Arizona

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  • Sweet Treats



    "Last Halloween, my son got an insane amount of candy, and after we talked about how lucky he was, he decided he wanted to donate most of it. He ended up finding a local food bank that would accept it. This year, he says he wants to donate it to overseas troops. How sweet is that?" -- Myrna N., Rapid City, South Dakota

  • Formed Friendship



    "It might seem like a small thing, but I'm really touched by the friendship my daughter has formed with an elderly lady on our block. Martha lives alone, and my daughter first started going over to sit on the porch swing in her yard or to smell her flowers. Soon they started talking and now my girl visits her several days a week. She also makes sure we check on Martha if there is bad weather or if we haven't seen her for a few days. It seems to brighten Martha's day and has made me more aware of trying to get to know all our neighbors." -- Kelly L., White Bear Lake, Minnesota

  • Universal Language



    "Our small community recently welcomed a number of refugee families to the area and the schools. Most of the new children don't speak English and there have been some tough issues with transitions into the community. I knew my son had some of the refugee kids in his class but he never talked about it. I was so surprised and I couldn't help but cry when I got a note from his teacher talking about how he has been playing soccer with the new kids every lunch period and that he was the first in the class to play with the new kids. I asked him about it and he said, 'Who cares if they can't speak American yet? You don't need that for soccer!' (Don't worry; I'm planning on teaching him American isn't a language.)" -- Dorinna R., location withheld

  • Doggone Good-Doing


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    "My tenderhearted daughter has been taking knitting lessons and has decided that her life's calling is to knit blankets for shelter dogs so they don't get cold. I don't actually know if shelters take blankets, but I love where her heart is!" -- Fiona D., Cascade, Idaho

  • Secret Soup Supply



    "My son's school has a year-round canned food drive. I realized this after thinking I was going crazy because I couldn't find any cans of soup and I knew I had just bought some. Turns out my son has been grabbing a can or two every day and carrying them to school in his backpack so he can drop them off in the collection bin by his classroom. I love it but I wish he'd have asked, just so I could have saved one or two cans of cream of mushroom for last night's dinner!" -- Laurie V., Lincoln, Nebraska

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  • Little Kid, Big Help



    "If it snows, my son always helps my husband shovel the sidewalk and he always makes sure to do our 70-year-old neighbor's walk, without being asked. It's a little thing, but I like that he does it automatically, you know? He doesn't have to be persuaded to be kind." -- Lexi C., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • Lunch for Two



    "My son asked me to start making him an extra sandwich at lunch and when I asked him why, he said that he wanted to be able to give one to his friend F. He didn't think F. had enough in his lunch box and he didn't want him to be hungry. I love that kid." -- Pilar R., San Antonio, Texas

  • Book Buddy



    "My son has been slow to learn to read. He struggles with feeling shy reading out loud because he stumbles over words. The other day, he had a playdate with another kid in class, who is in the advanced reading group. They went outside to play and then I checked on them and overheard my son reading slowly out loud as the other boy encouraged him and said 'You got this, you got this.' I lost it. Instant tears." -- Lena B., Columbus, Indiana

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