Mom & Baby Die During Feeding, Leaving Toddler All Alone for Days (VIDEO)

No one could've ever imagined such a tragic situation happening. A mom and her baby died after a feeding, leaving a toddler boy all alone in the same home until he was rescued days later.


Pieces are still being put together, though there doesn't appear to be much good news -- aside from the 2-year-old's being found in his family's Hollywood apartment alive and being treated at a hospital.

Erika Tomassian was a new mother of two adopted little boys (brothers, ages 1 and 2) who became her family. It's so hard to wrap my mind around news that Erika died while feeding her 1-year-old son, reportedly from natural causes. What's even more heartbreaking is that the 1-year-old died from inhaling food into his lungs (he was found still strapped in his high chair). Police say there's no foul play and point out that Erika was treated several days earlier for what turned out to be bronchitis.

Hearing about such a tragedy is enough to make anyone stop in pause, but unfortunately, the story doesn't end here.

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The landlord went to Erika's apartment (one of her friends contacted him after not hearing from the mom), where he heard that poor 2-year-old screaming and called 911.

There simply are no words to articulate how news like this makes me feel. While I am happy the toddler was rescued, can you even begin to think how this little boy felt -- scrounging for whatever he could find to eat, with this baby brother and mother deceased in the home? Incredibly sad doesn't even begin to describe this story and its unthinkable events. I truly pray this 2-year-old gets the help he needs (seeing something like this, even at a young age, is beyond horrible) and finds a loving home that will hopefully make times of transition -- and coping with such a loss -- a little smoother.

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