School District Bans Tag for the Sake of 'Physical & Emotional Safety' (VIDEO)

At some point, you really have to wonder when enough is going to be enough. Does banning tag during recess -- for the sake of emotional and physical safety -- really sound like a good idea? Well, the folks at Mercer Island School District in Washington believe it does.


In fact, parents of students were shocked to find out such a decision was made without their input.

You probably guessed that something like this didn't sit well. Even with a message from superintendent Dr. Gary Plano, people are still shaking their heads.

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Look, I get the whole "keep your hands to yourself" thing schools want to enforce. Students do have boundaries and shouldn't be touched against their will. But banning the game of tag from the playground? Come on! Is anyone else's childhood full of memories that involve outdoor activities like this? I don't know about you, but I ran faster to catch those who would put the Road Runner to shame. Yes, there were some boo boos and scratches, but nothing that landed anyone in the hospital.

I'll admit, sometimes I can have a Final Destination paranoia mindset that causes me to think about the worst-case scenario in every situation -- but that's not healthy. Kids these days aren't playing outside like we did back in the day (darn those addictive video games). Do we really want to take away a form of physical activity -- especially when more and more schools are cutting gym from their schedule?

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I'm all about safety, but I think this is a little extreme (maybe I'm alone and just don't get it). Children who have the time and finances can sign up for sports teams (assuming they like sports), but don't take away classic childhood fun.

What's next?


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