Teacher Puts Garbage Bag on Boy With Special Needs Because He Drools (VIDEO)

When parents drops their children off at school, they hope to pick them up in the same condition in which they were delivered (they aren't a UPS package, but you get the point). Chicago mom Nyesha Terry is very upset after she found her 5-year-old son with special needs wearing a trash bag.


To make the situation worse, Lloyd was put in a trash bag the following day -- even after Nyesha spoke to his kindergarten teacher. Needless to say, the school and child services are looking into the matter.

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I can only imagine how this mother feels -- not only to see her son wearing a trash bag, but find him sitting by himself in class. Given her son has epilepsy and is nonverbal, it would be any parent's hope that his or her child receives the same treatment as anyone else.

There are tons of questions that are going through my mind about this situation. Did Lloyd have a change of clothes with him (his teacher said he wet his shirt from drooling which is why the makeshift poncho was created) in the event something like this happened? If additional bibs were available in class, why wasn't one of them used? Why was this done the following day, especially after the mom expressed her frustrations? Were no clothes provided to make this the only solution possible? Heck, was there nothing in lost and found for this innocent child to wear? 

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Maybe it's my optimism when it comes to people, but I would like to think this teacher didn't put Lloyd in a trash bag out of ill will (now why he was isolated from everyone else, I don't know) -- though some would have to question if there was a better alternative.

I feel so bad for this little boy...


Image via WDAF-TV FOX 4 News

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