Middle School Kids Aren't Allowed to Pee -- Unless They Earn a Coupon (VIDEO)

Sometimes, when you have to go, you really gotta go. Unfortunately in life, you don't always get what you want -- which includes trips to the restroom during the school day. Parents of students at Aragon Middle School in Houston are questioning whether or not bathroom coupons are necessary.


Sarah Moreno is just one of the moms who thinks it's a little absurd. With two sons attending the school, she even had to go as far as getting a doctor's note in the past to let them tinkle.

Can anyone else remember their time as a student? Let's be honest, many of us knew people who would say they had to go to the bathroom in order to skip class, or rendezvous with a flame in the janitor's closet (not saying I did that, but I know folks who did). It happens -- which is one of the many reasons why teachers want to limit the amount of disruptions that occur during class time.

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There are also times when almost half the class will up and leave when asked if they need a bathroom break.

But does this mean coupons are the way to go? What ever happened to the bathroom rule where no student could leave until the other came back?

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At least to me, this is where black and white can become very gray. These coupons appear to be based on merit, which means good behavior can land you a trip to the john. The problem is different teachers might have different definitions of what "good" is. Is good behavior showing up to class on time? What about raising your hand and participating in class? Will you be considered a good student if the teacher likes your personality (not really based on behavior, but thought I'd throw that one in there)?

The concept of rewarding a student that displays good manners and behavior in class isn't bad, but tying it to relieving yourself -- or taking care of business should Aunt Ruby make an appearance (I got my period in the sixth grade) -- might be a little far-fetched.

I would hate to be the person who ate something bad at lunch.


Image via KTRK 13 News/ABC

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