7-Year-Old Girl Scolded by Teacher for Writing in Cursive (PHOTO)

Isn't the whole point of school -- aside from learning and stuff -- to encourage students to be creative and do their best? You would think the answer to that question is yes -- so why is a teacher warning a 7-year-old not to write in cursive?


Brenda Hatcher had no problem taking to her Facebook to share this snap of her friend's daughter Alyssa's school assignment, which is raising eyebrows.

Share this everywhere... Alyssa is 7!!! Not only is her mother a military veteran but, she took the time to teach her...

Posted by Brenda Hatcher on Wednesday, September 16, 2015

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I can only imagine how this 7-year-old felt.

Cursive can be hard to learn and would likely make any kid jump for joy when they get the hang of it. Alyssa was probably happy to show off her newfound skill -- and seeing as she isn't old enough to write checks or sign documents, where else would she give her John Hancock?

Who the heck knows why this teacher was so pissed off at her student for writing her name in cursive. Was this educator trying to focus on print and didn't want others to outshine classmates who struggle? Did he or she not get his or her shot of caffeine in the morning? Does this teacher simply loathe the sight of cursive? Was it a school rule that had to be followed? I honestly don't know what the issue is -- or if it's that serious.

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Yes, it is important to follow rules, but let's also not discourage students from excelling in certain areas.


Image via Rido/shutterstock

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