Creative Uncle Pulls Nephew's Tooth ... With a Drone (VIDEO)

There are so many ways a parent can pull out their child's tooth. Everything from tying a string to a door knob to slamming a refrigerator door are fair game -- so long as the Tooth Fairy makes her rounds. When Paul Borrud's nephew Bruno asked him to pull out his tooth using a drone, Paul obliged without hesitation.


In fact, Paul turned it into a live event, with a few onlookers gathering at Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco to cheer on Bruno.

Some things you really have to see to believe.

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This uncle definitely deserves an "A" in the creativity department. Can you imagine the cool story Bruno can now tell his friends in school? "Oh, how was your summer?" "Mine was all right. I only had my tooth pulled by a drone!"

Man, I feel a bit robbed. I remember asking my dad to help my pull out a tooth when I was little. Know what he said? "Come here" as he balled up his fist.

Given this huge spectacle, I wonder how much Bruno got for his tooth.


Image via fluke samed/shutterstock

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