Dad Frustrated With Common Core Math Writes Check to School (PHOTO)

Parents are becoming more and more frustrated with schools. Whether their children are being assigned too much homework, or some long-winded way to solve for x, many parents have had enough. This Ohio dad's common core math check will make educators practice what they teach.


Hopefully the person at the bank is hip to the new standard known as common core.

This dad's frustrations reiterate an ongoing struggle between progress and keeping things that work the same. It seems the common core standard aims to not only teach students how to solve problems, but better articulate why they came to such conclusions.

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I'm already trying to fill up my patience jar for homework -- and both of my children are under 2. I can only imagine how annoyed parents get after a long day of work to try to demystify a new way of problem solving -- especially when the old-school method seems faster. Yet, 46 states support common core math standards, which makes you wonder if there's more to learn, or if we shouldn't fix something that wasn't broken.

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As you can see, some folks just aren't with it, and have no issue showing what they believe is a silly solution to a simple problem.

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One thing Donald Trump got right at GOP debate. "Common Core is a disaster." #commoncoreisadisaster #commoncoremath=thesis #saynotojournalprompts

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Yes, 7 x 13 really DOES equal 28 !!

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Is it too late to sign up for common core classes with my kids? I have a feeling I'm going to need them.


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