Elementary School That Teaches Different Things to Boys & Girls Is Stuck in the '50s (VIDEO)

A guidance counselor at Borchardt Elementary School in Plano, Texas, has a lot of explaining to do. Since we're talking about education, here's a little pop quiz: Does talking to boys about college and discussing friendships with girls yield equality? Naturally, many parents are upset over this gender-biased curriculum.


You don't have to be a "raging feminist" to have an issue with this newsletter that was sent to parents of fourth- and fifth-graders. Sure, there's always a need for spell-check to prevent those oops moments, but what about this lesson plan that clearly deserves a side eye?

Look, I understand that it doesn't hurt to talk to girls about topics like confidence -- especially when dealing with body image, given little ones as young as age 8 are fixated on how they look. And sure, there might be some ladies who need to learn how to let go of grudges (honestly, who doesn't struggle?), but does that mean girls can't also get schooled on the realities of the "real world" and choosing the right career?

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In defense of this guidance counselor and the school, they do plan on teaching their female students the same lessons as boys (and vice versa). My thing is if that was the plan all along, why not just mention that in the first place? Was there no way to give parents a heads-up you plan to split the kids up by gender and then spend time focusing on particular topics?

Life lessons might start at home, but they also need to be reiterated at school. How can we expect our young ladies to grow up feeling just as adequate as their male counterparts when we can't even get something as simple as a newsletter right? Hopefully this will be a teaching moment for those in charge. There's nothing wrong with splitting up a class, but please watch how you market things.


Image via WFAA 8 News/ABC

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