7-Year-Old Native American Gets Sent to Principal's Office Because He Has a Mohawk (VIDEO)

Many school districts enforce policies that try to prevent kids from being distracted -- or offended, depending on how you look at things. Teyawwna Sanden was less than pleased when she learned her 7-year-old son violated dress code because of his mohawk.


Teyawwna and her family are members of Native American tribes that celebrate mohawks as a way of honoring their heritage. She never imagined her son Kobe would get sent to the principal's office because students weren't "used to it." Granted, he is in the second grade -- so they might not be used to a lot of stuff -- but was a note from a tribal leader proving it's a part of their customs really necessary?

Apparently so.

Dress codes can oftentimes become a bit sketchy due to their blurred lines. Obviously, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work in every scenario, as you're bound to have a few exceptions to the rule (things aren't always black and white). You might commend the school for adhering to their policy and later making an exception for this family. Then again, you could be a little peeved it took going so far up the chain for this little boy to have his mohawk and enjoy it too.

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I don't know if this elementary school's dress code policy -- that basically says anything grooming-related that's a distraction has to go -- is the norm across America, but the time has come to update that. Shoot, I would probably need to get homeschooled just because my natural hair (yes darling, I give Diana Ross and Chaka Khan moments on the regular) would likely be a no-no.

These days, just about anything can offend someone given the right set of ingredients that would make a dress code that follows suit out of style.


Image via FOX 13 Salt Lake City

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