Dad Transforms Vehicle Into 'Cars' Character for 3-Year-Old Son (PHOTO)

When your kid can't get enough of their favorite character or movie, do you, a.) grit your teeth and smile, b.) tell them to get over it, or c.) bring fiction to life? Brett Winek made his 3-year-old son's day when he turned his new Mustang into a Cars replica. As you would expect, his son Holden was overjoyed.


You have to give this Tennessee single dad credit for going the extra mile -- especially with a new whip!

Can you picture little Holden's face when he realized they would be driving home in Lightning McQueen (that's the name of his favorite character in the Pixar movie Cars)?

It was probably something like this:

Or this:

This is so cute and a wonderful treat for this little boy. Let me call up my dad and see if he's willing to transform my Honda into the BMW convertible Kelly Taylor drove on Beverly Hills, 90210.

Image via PAISAN HOMHUAN/shutterstock;Giphy;Giphy

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