14 Hilarious Excuses Kids Give to Avoid Homework

child with homework

Ah, fall... that magical time of year when the leaves start changing, everything starts tasting like pumpkin, and, at least in my house, the wailing and crying over homework begins.


My son is only in second grade but he's already developed strong feelings about homework. Well, one strong feeling: hate. He's really bright, but he can't stand to sit down to tackle a few workbook pages when there are toys to be played with and soccer balls to be kicked.

While the homework itself only takes him 10 to 15 minutes, he's been known to spend 45 excruciating minutes stalling and making up excuses about why homework isn't fair before getting to work.

Sound familiar? I asked some other moms if home work avoidance was an issue at their house and discovered I am so not alone. Here's how other kids hilariously try to get out of homework time.

#7 is my personal favorite. What's yours?

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