19-Year-Old With Autism Dies After Being Left on a School Bus (VIDEO)

When parents put their children on a school bus each day, it's only assumed they'll make it from point A to B and back. Sadly, Eun Ha Lee never had the chance to greet her son, Hun Joon Lee, because he never came home. The non-verbal autistic young adult died on a school bus after being left behind.


Needless to say, this mother wants answers as to why no one noticed her 19-year-old son on the school bus -- especially when she says he was only one of three students picked up that day.

How many times do we have to hear about heartbreaking stories like this before something (I don't know what, but something) is changed in efforts to prevent such a tragedy from happening? I really hate hearing about stories like this, as they leave a million questions swarming through my mind. How or why was the driver so occupied not to notice a student on the bus -- or at the very least, to do a quick check to make sure no one was sleeping on a seat (it happens)? Was there a change in routine that made this deadly oversight possible?

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Who knows why Hun was left behind for what some fear was the entire day. To think about temperatures getting hotter and hotter by the hour with no ability to seek help (Eun says her son couldn't speak and had the comprehension of a 3-year-old) is too chilling to imagine.

My heart truly goes out to this mom and others who lose a child.

This is simply unimaginable.


Image via © Alistair Baker/Corbis

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