Little Girl Hilariously Schools Dad on Why She's No Princess (VIDEO)

Just because a little girl enjoys wearing pink outfits and sparkly jewels doesn't make her royalty. JoJo Lomelino sets her dad straight in this sassy viral video on why she's no princess


Didn't you know, Daddy, "Them don't take showers."

Message received, loud and clear, JoJo.

Between the hand gestures, stumbling over words, and throwing a little shade over her own outfit, there are so many funny moments throughout this video. For someone who doesn't think she's a princess, JoJo sure does reign over this conversation -- oftentimes shutting her father down in the best way kids know how.

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It's pretty obvious that little JoJo's concept of royalty and being a princess comes from movies (that's where she says they are). Perhaps this is one of the reasons why she thinks they don't bathe and always stay clean. As much as I love Disney movies (Sword in the Stone and Alice in Wonderland are my faves) in particular, some parents have started to supplement them with female roles they think are more empowering. Disney has evolved a bit since the days of sleeping in a house with seven little men taking care of you, or waiting for Prince Charming to rescue you from harm's way. There are now princesses about business (Princess Tiana in The Princess and the Frog), and princesses who want to take more control over their destiny (Princess Merida in Brave), to name a couple.

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Heck, even princesses in non-animated films and television are throwing down these days, but you might overlook them because they aren't wearing some huge gown and ride in on their own horse to save the day.

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After all, who says you can't dirty it up with your friends while rocking a dress and tiara -- or be strong and fabulous?

It's OK if your little one wants to be a princess. Just let her know there's more to them than fancy necklaces and dresses. Imagination is everything, so let's just expand the horizon a bit.


Image via Lomelino Kids/YouTube; Giphy; Giphy

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