Four-Day School Week: Good for Kids, but What About Moms? (VIDEO)

Kids are tired. They're tired of waking up early. Tired of trying to find a stylish outfit to wear to school. Tired of hearing their parents' "back in my day" stories. While experts might not be able to help with all of these problems, they do believe a four-day school week can improve grades, and oh yeah, allow for more rest.


Researchers from Georgia State University found that shortening an elementary school student's week can have a positive impact on their academics. No, they're quite serious. In fact, fourth- and fifth-grade students who participate in such a program tend to have higher test scores. As you might've guessed, a loss of a school day means longer hours to make up for time outside of the classroom.

Guess three-day weekends don't make kids sluggish (the number of absences was also reduced). Just wait until you have to get a job.

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Even if you aren't sold on reducing a school week for the sake of budget cuts districts have to make (apparently, it's nothing mind-blowing in the savings department), stronger academic performance should captivate your attention. After all, who doesn't want their child to be a rising star in his or her class?

Having a day off each week from school definitely sounds like a dream, but not to everyone involved (not everyone has a household model with one person at home). Yes, kids will have time to catch up on schoolwork and hobbies, but what about parents who need childcare for their elementary school–age child? I don't know everyone's bank account and can't say what is and isn't expensive for people to pay. Will jobs follow suit (not likely), or at the very least allow parents who have a child on a four-day school schedule to telecommute from home one day? There will understandably need to be a little rearranging to make it work.

I'm all for reforming old practices if it will have a positive outcome, but given that we've heard school days are too long for students as is and elementary kids receive too much homework, who knows what the solution really is. Should a four-day school week be the answer, can parents get a note from the principal to give to their employers that will reduce our work week?

Had to ask.


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