Do You Have a Favorite Child?

photo by mlofreeman

I know. What kind of question is this to ask? A real one! Over in Toddler Buzz, Cafe Cynthia has started something that is sure to be a hit. Real Mom Confessions. Asking a mother if she has a favorite a child might be a Pandora's box of sorts, but we all know that sometimes there are mommy truths we just don't talk about.


I'll let you read a little of what one anonymous mom had to say on the fave kid topic: "I favor my 8 year old over my 6 year old. My 8 year old is much easier to deal with. My 6 year old throws constant tantrums. Even though I feel that way I think a lot of mothers secretly favor one child over the other, either because one is easier to deal with, sweeter, smarter, cuter, whatever the reason. You can't help what you feel inside."


Wanna read the rest? Go to Toddler Buzz, but not before making a secret confession here!

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