Mother Horrified to Learn Teacher Locks Her 5-Year-Old Daughter in the Bathroom at School (VIDEO)

Parents with little ones starting school for the very first time are already feeling some kind of way. Whether it's sadness their kids are growing up, or the uncertainty that they'll instantly make friends, something always crosses your mind. However, one that shouldn't is if your 5-year-old daughter is locked in a bathroom by her teacher.


Yeah, that definitely should not happen.

Yolanda Asante and her sister Brittany are wondering why the teacher of Yolanda's daughter thought it was a good idea to lock her child in the bathroom for misbehavior. Apparently, this wasn't the first time something like this happened (the locking-in-the-bathroom part), but was never brought to this mom's attention -- that is, until her daughter came forward.

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I can only imagine the amount of patience a teacher needs on any given day (after all, you are trying to teach someone else's child). Couple that with a profession that's often overlooked and underpaid, and yeah, you might have more than a few stressful days that require a piece of chocolate as well as a nightcap.

But does this mean locking a little kid in a bathroom is the answer?

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You can have all the questions in the world about this mother and her parenting skills, but children who talk when they shouldn't aren't that uncommon (granted, you have those who talk more than others). Young kids can be quite the chatterboxes.

I don't know what kind of day this child -- and this teacher, for that matter -- was having, but maybe a trip to the principal's office, or a note to this mother about her daughter's constant disruption, would've been better. There has to be a better option than sentencing a child to solitary confinement in a bathroom that doesn't cross the lines of being unprofessional.


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