6-Year-Old Girl Traps Herself Inside Arcade Game All for a Ball (VIDEO)

In case you didn't get the memo, children are ninjas. Not only are they masters at sneak attacks, but they can do the unthinkable in the blink of an eye. Juliette Grimes gave her mother and onlookers the scare of their lives when the 6-year-old climbed into an arcade game and got stuck.


Can you imagine being at this pizza spot in Texas the day this happened? Just when you're about to take a nice bite out of a warm slice (make sure you fold it like New Yorkers. It's cool that way), BOOM! You catch a glimpse of a child inside one of those claw arcade games out of your eye.

What do you do?

Hopefully the answer isn't dig around your pocket for coins, as you can just call the fire department.

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Thankfully young Juliette wasn't hurt, though she did get punished for her adventurous attempt to give her older sister a ball from the game (hey, it's the thought that counts, right?).

I'm just waiting for both of my boys to grow up and do something in public that makes me yell, "Don't you embarrass me!" out loud. While it's scary to think about all the stuff that could go wrong in the moment, once it's over, it kinda makes you remember the crazy things you did at that age. While I never climbed inside an arcade game, I did jump out of my father's police car and roll into the street when I was 5 (we were still in the parking lot, so no high speeds). I think I saw someone do it on a Miami Vice episode that made it look cool. I laugh now, but can only imagine how my parents felt at the time.

Oh the memories.


Image via WJHL News Channel 11/CBS

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