Awesome Dad Creates Perfect Anti-Bullying Song Every Child Should Hear (VIDEO)

What would you do if your child came to you in tears and told you he or she is being bullied? Khari Toure created the empowering anti-bullying song "Love Yourself" that reiterates one's self-worth.


Pure genius.

It's OK if you find yourself envious of how amazing this track flows. Khari is a spoken word artist and poet -- so it naturally comes with the territory.

All rright, I'll be quiet now. Take a listen and then we'll talk.

I don't know about you, but that anthem has me charged up! "I'm beautiful. I'm worthy. Those mean words can't hurt me." Heck yeah!

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Songs like this should be on everyone's music player. Oftentimes, it becomes too easy to let criticism and judgment cloud the light we shine. Each of us are beautifully made and unique in our own way. This is such a positive reminder to love yourself (hence the title of the song) and put a hand up to bullies and mean folk alike.

After all:

In all seriousness, this song is perfect given we're in the back-to-school season. It's estimated that those bullied are 2 to 9 times more likely to consider suicide. My heart goes out to those who experience bullying, as it feels like it comes from everywhere these days (you can't even turn on your computer). No children should ever feel like they need to hide in a bathroom stall just to eat their lunch, or not attend school because they fear running into a bully. I commend Khari's little girl for speaking up, as some aren't able to find their voice and seek help.

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The fear and shaming need to stop, and if a song can help make a difference, rock on. Hopefully this will get more people excited to stand up against such behavior -- and even inspire a change of heart to those who feel like bullying is the only way.


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