Generous Crossing Guard Makes Sure All Kids Have What They Need for Back to School (PHOTO)

All parents with school-age kids know about the extensive supply list most teachers send home for the start of each school year. For most families, finding and paying for these supplies is not a big deal, but for some, it can prove to be a real hardship. In one town, enter the world's most big-hearted crossing guard who proves that doing something small for a children can have a big effect on their self-esteem and happiness.


A Reddit user posted an image of a spread of school supplies that a local crossing guard puts out every year on the first day of school to help kids who might need something their parents weren't able to provide. According to this Redditor, it all comes out of her own pocket. Knowing that, I couldn't look at this without tearing up:

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Does that not make your heart grow three sizes? What a generous act of kindness to help little kids who might otherwise go to school on the first day without everything they need. It must be so hard for them and their parents knowing they aren't prepared but not being able to shell out the money needed to purchase that sometimes exhaustive list of items.

As a parent who is able to afford all of the things my kids need to start school, my heart aches for those who cannot. It's tough enough being a parent and feeling guilt over every little deficiency without also knowing you are sending your child to school without the supplies they need to learn -- and that there's nothing you can do about it. It isn't food or clothing, but school supplies are very necessary for a child to succeed in their learning journey. Imagine all of the heartache and nervousness this crossing guard might be eliminating by doing this simple thing for the kids she helps safely cross the street each day. What an angel on Earth.

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I remember as a kid the handful of times my parents forgot to get me something I needed for school and it felt awful. I worried about getting into trouble with my teacher, and seeing my friends with whatever item I was missing only exacerbated my anxiety. Knowing this crossing guard is preventing some kids from that terrible feeling warms my heart to no end. I hope this image goes viral and people see it and realize what a need it really is so more supplies are donated to local schools. No child should have to feel that fear that they aren't ready to learn. It's a distraction they don't deserve to deal with.


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