Hilarious PSA Shows What Kids Really Think About 'Funny' Jokes Dads Tell (VIDEO)

Everyone, please bow your heads and close your eyes as we take a moment of silence for these dead jokes. Kids "Down Under" had a blast poking fun at their dads in this hilarious "Dad Joke Survivors" PSA, with all the dramatic pauses and sad violin music your heart can take.


"Did you hear about the movie Constipation? It never came out."


Some of these are kind of funny.

Dad Joke Survivors

Beware of dad jokes this Father's Day…

Posted by Nickelodeon on Thursday, September 3, 2015

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In case you're wondering what father did something so horrible their kids had to embarrass them in a video, grab a glass of water and take your chill pill. This is all in fun and celebration of Father's Day in Australia (typically the first Sunday in September). The folks at Nickelodeon sure did have a good time -- at Dad's expense, of course -- rounding up some kids to share corny one-liners and jokes that likely would not receive a standing ovation.

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No matter how stale a joke might be, you have to smile at dads trying to entertain their children (I laugh at them laughing at their own jokes). Too bad this wasn't around when I was younger. Then again, my dad jokes would need a late-night special considering my pops had more of a Richard Pryor type humor.

Keep 'em coming, Dad!


Image via Nickelodeon/Facebook

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